Make your bicycling voice heard

Connect with Wisconsin’s legislators and tell them to support bicycling.

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Make a difference for Wisconsin bicycling., the newest initiative from the Wisconsin Bike Fed, is an interactive way to connect you with your elected officials on a local level.

Search by your addres to find your district’s Assembly Representative and State Senator, and let them know that bicycling matters to you, and to Wisconsin.

Join the movement for a better, more bike-friendly Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Bike Fed is the nation’s biggest, statewide bicycle advocacy organization. We’re on a mission to make Wisconsin the best place to in the country to ride a bicycle.

We do things like lobbying at the state capitol for better traffic laws and funding, educational programs like our statewide, Share & Be Aware campaign, encouragement events to get more people riding, like the Wisconsin Bike Challenge, and so much more.

We need your support - together we can make Wisconsin into America’s Best Ride.